Welcome to MOVEmatrix, Our Online Transportation Donation Marketplace


MOVEmatrix is a unique online freight-matching tool which allows Trucks For Change Network members to quickly find and respond to posted charity requests matching their real-time capacity. Members may offer “pro-bono” service or preferred rates, depending on their fleet positioning and ability to help. Member offers are received and accepted online by the requesting charity, and the load is moved!

With MOVEmatrix, our charity clients benefit from lower costs, efficient one-stop shopping, and a wider reach to their product donours through access to a network of quality transportation partners. Our member carriers benefit by making a difference in their community, improving their fleet utilization, and earning recognition for themselves and their industry. Everyone wins with MOVEmatrix!

Movematrix was custom-designed for Trucks For Change Network, and is available for the exclusive use of our member carriers and partner charities.

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