Helping Trusted Charities To Help Our Communities

bridging the gap between donors and those in need

We are a non-profit association of trucking companies who value the important work charities are doing in our communities. By matching charity transportation needs with available truck space, we help facilitate offers of donated or reduced-rate services. The result is lower costs and increased staff productivity, allowing our partner charities to devote more resources to their primary mission. In addition, access to a wider network of transportation options expands their reach to potential product donours, offering an affordable landed cost of donations.

Trucks For Change Network plays an integral role in helping us to move donated food product across the country where it’s needed.
Craig McGurn, Manager
National Food Sharing, Food Banks Canada  National Food Sharing, Food Banks Canada
The impact that Trucks For Change Network is having on our organization is significant, both from a financial and a management resource perspective.
Rob Voisin, VP ReStore and Product Support
Habitat For Humanity Canada  Habitat For Humanity Canada
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