Frequently Asked Questions for Carriers

frequently asked questons for carriersWhat’s the key idea behind Trucks For Change Network?
Our key idea is to make it simple and cost-effective for the transport logistics industry to help local charities with their transport needs. We do this by collecting and entering real-time service requests from our client charities on a unique online system. Requests are reviewed by our member carriers, who are then able to post offers to provide donated or discounted service, based on their immediate resources and ability to help. Our client charities enjoy cost savings, convenience, and a wider base of corporate partners. Our members get the chance to make a difference in their community in an efficient manner, and to earn recognition for their participation.

We already help charities when we can. Why do we need Trucks For Change Network for this?
Two key reasons. First, by organizing our charity requests, and by knowing the unique strengths of our member carriers, we are far more likely to match a service request with a member’s open capacity. This reduces the cost of donated services, or in the case of rate discounts, offers incremental revenue for open capacity. Second, while our industry already supports charities, individual carriers don’t receive the recognition for this generosity that can be achieved by working together. By pooling our efforts, we can achieve higher donation thresholds established by charities, and earn positive recognition for individual members, their professional industry associations, and for our industry as a whole.

How do the load documentation and billing work?
Each charity request will contain detailed information about load characteristics, timing requirements, and origin and destination details. Once a member carrier’s offer of service has been accepted, the load will be moved on an agreement directly between the member as carrier and the charity as shipper. Members may use their own bill of lading, and may request additional client billing information if required.

Will carriers receive tax receipts for donated or discounted service?
Under current CRA rules, service donations and discounts do not quality for charitable donation receipts. We are working with our charity clients to develop alternative methods of recognition acceptable to CRA.

How do we become a Trucks For Change Network Member Carrier?
Use the green “Apply For Membership” link on this page to access our Carrier Application, or simply call us to talk.  Please call Pete Dalmazzi at 905 844 8658.

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