Posts from September 2015

T4C Launches “Roll Over Hunger” Campaign

Each year, 850,000 Canadians rely on food banks, 300,000 of them children. This November and December will offer the Canadian trucking industry yet another opportunity to show its commitment to its communities across the country in T4C’s first ever “Rolling Over Hunger” campaign. The campaign features food collection drives, transportation donations, [...]

The new EG Gray makes a fresh move for communities!

EG Gray owner Rob Tanguay (pink shirt) and EG Gray driver Jim Burgess (left) with Food Banks Canada volunteers prepare to deliver fresh food to communities across southern Ontario.
For Rob and Julie Tanguay, owners of Peterborough-based EG Gray Transportation, it was a no-brainer. When they heard that employees of PepsiCo had organized a food sorting event in conjunction with PepsiCo’s major food funding donation to Food Banks Canada, they wasted no time getting involved. So on September 22, a sparkling EG Gray tractor and 53’ [...]
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