T4C Launches “CLEAN HOUSE FOR A CAUSE” Campaign For Trucking Industry

CLEAN HOUSE FOR A CAUSELike any busy organization in our industry, there’s a good chance your dock, office, shop or yard contains usable articles you just haven’t gotten around to moving out. Things like surplus office furniture, unclaimed freight, shop equipment, or even surplus vehicles, trailers, or containers. The holiday season is a great time to clean house, head into the new year organized, and help out a great charity to boot! During the month of December, walk your facilities, make a list, take photos, and send them to us. We’ll tell our partner charities about your “surplus but serviceable” items, make arrangements to have it picked up, and even arrange for a charitable tax receipt if you’re eligible! Clean House For A Cause is just another T4C “win-win” program that shows the trucking industry cares for its communities! Call us at 905 844 8658 to get started, and get ready to CLEAN HOUSE FOR A CAUSE!

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